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Smriti Meditation

Smriti meditation is a guided interactive therapeutic meditation technique. It is an easier and effective method to guide patients to deep consciousness to reveal the etiological factors of their own illness. This recognition itself will be a partial solution to their emotional and physical problem which helps in the healing process. Smriti meditation assists even an inexperienced or ill person to overcome all the obstacles that prevent the path of progress to the ‘Samadhi’. In repeated practices of meditation when negative emotions settle down, mind become tranquil and the person transcends to more subtle layer of existence. In this state there is harmony between body and mind.

Objectives of the Smriti meditation practice

Personality development

Management of stress and stress related diseases.

Diagnosis and cure of psychosomatic illnesses

As a preventive tool for psychic and psychosomatic illness

To identify the psychic component of the ailments

Promote emotional and intellectual health

Helps person to achieve the life goal.

How to do Smriti Meditation

Personalised guided meditation

Inducing meditation in a client, a tranquil atmosphere is created and suggestions are given to relax physically and mentally.

Meditator sets a goal to be achieved as an outcome of the meditation

Various aspects of the goal are thoroughly discussed through continuous interaction.

After a logical interaction, meditator and guide identifies an unravelled area of the problem.

Meditative technique of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi are used to deepen into subtle layers to identify the hidden cause of the problem

Negative emotions associated with the problem will be eliminated.

As the emotional hurdles are removed new revelation or insights appears as solution for the problem

Meditators mind transcends into a state of peace and in turn helps to develop the personality into a positive direction.

SMRITI is a platform for promoting smriti meditation, an Ayurvedic Psychotherapy technique. The founder of the Smriti meditation is Dr K V Dilipkumar


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