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Frequently asked questions

All therapies are performed after consultation only, hence we advise you to find out the best possible management after getting advise from the Ayu Vaidyar

Usually a minimum course takes 7 days at least. This is because of the slow process of detoxification that happens within the body.

One initial consultation is essential to determine the nature of therapy, the oils & herbs suitable for your body type.

Usually you must stay indoors and avoid any strenuous activity after a therapy.

Yes. In the event you live far or you cannot visit our centre, you can book on-line consultation by internet

The removal of toxins is part of every PK. It is important to note that the therapies are powerful in PK and there must be a period of clearing out the body before moving into a full PK. Pancha Karma requires detailed consultation and evaluation with the Vaidyar

The  contents of this website are for information purposes only. It is not intended to make any diagnosis or replace any medicines or treatments for health / medical conditions. Please contact your primary health care provider for the same

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