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Lucky Singh

I have been suffering from back pain and I was not able to walk. Dr Anil helped me back on my feet …I got my life back when everything else failed.

Kira B Lashes

I have been coming to Dr.Shiny since 2014 and found her service the best. I suffer a lot with lower back pain due to certain circumstances. Dr. Shiny gives it 100% and so good at what she does. Can't recommend highly enough. It is very important to know that she has medical knowledge behind the massage and can help with pain

Fozia Mahmood

Dr Shiny is by far the best in her field. I have been seeing her for regular treatments for many years and every time this experience gets better and better. Her humble kind and calm personality compliments her therapy as she graces each client with her best energy. She's extremely professional and thorough with her practice. Her healing hands have transformed by body from some weak areas to now gaining strength and making my working life easier.

Azmina Mansuri

I have been visiting Dr Shiny for treatments since 2016. I used to suffer with lower back pains and down my leg due to my sciatic nerve. Over time and regular treatments with Dr.Shiny, I have been able to better manage the discomfort. Shiny is extremely professional and knowledgeable in the science of Ayurveda. I have none to compare her to because I just won't go anywhere else. Ever! I missed the treatments during the pandemic phase but I visited again last week and will be going again in the new year. 100% highly recommended

Parvati Yoga

If you have back pain, shoulder issues or are recovering from a Chronic injury Dr Shiny will set you right. As a Yoga Teacher & Digital marketer with a very busy family, it’s really easy for me to get burnt out because I’m so busy & needed, which takes its toll on my body. After seeing Dr Shiny I can function again, I sleep better, migraines reduced, shoulders & back feel FANTASTIC, even an old hernia injury that makes my right leg get tight feels GREAT after seeing her. She really treats your mind body & soul. You’ll feel amazing, every time & I’ve been having sessions with her since 2018. My mom my twin sister my older sis & my dad & step mom go to her too! She’s that good, cannot highly recommend enough. Thank God for Dr Shiny, she’s a miracle worker xx

Sangeeta Dabhi

I have been having potli massages with Dr Shiny for the last 10yrs. She has helped me with my health situations incredibly. I'm only able to keep working. Be mentally nd physically able to carry on with her help. 🙏 they are instrumental in mine and my families health.

Aminah Jan

After suffering from upper and lower back pains for a very long due to work, seeing Dr Shiny has made such an improvement! I’m so glad I was recommended to Dr Shiny! She really is the best at what she does and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. I can’t wait to continue my sessions!

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